About The Grove

Meet The Grove Family

Scott and Kendra Hartsgrove have been married for 22 years and have three wonderful sons, Spencer, Zach and Grady and our soon to be daughter-in-law, Austin. Family means everything to us. We all have put our heart and souls into making The Grove a welcoming venue.
Scott has been a contractor for over 20 years working alongside with his father, Malcolm Hartsgrove who was key part to establishing Hartsgrove Construction. Now that Malcolm has retired Scott now works with our 2 oldest boys. They have with their own hands milled out all of the wood that will become The Grove.
Kendra has been in the healthcare system for over 20 years and her knowledge of taking care of people is her best quality. Kendra has taken care of people in their worst of times and now she wants to enjoy the best of times with people.

**Logo Design done by Andrea Kondax

**Some Photos done by Kathy Dyer

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